Thursday, 20 April 2017

Traveling Outfit: What to wear on a plane

I have always struggled picking a comfortable but yet stylish outfit for the airport but now, after all the experimentation, I think I have found my own way to do it. 

What I do is very simple.  I choose a comfortable pair of leggings or jeggings and a simple plain top (either a sweater, hoodie or tee). Then I use them as the base of my outfit and depending on the weather I add some additional bits like a jacket, a cardigan, or a scarf. 

Also let's not forget about the handbag. I always prefer taking with me a backpack, it is very convenient and it fits loads of stuff I might need eg. Ipad, notebooks, treats etc.

In addition, a good tip I've learned is to wear any hat you are taking with you on plane. This way there is no need to worry if it's going to get destroyed in your luggage but it also adds some style to your outfit.
Happy traveling in style! 


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