Friday 31 March 2017


Well, guess who's back. Todays post is all about NYX Cosmetics. I have been invited to their VIP party few weeks ago and it is finally the time to share my experience with you.

The party was at the Moon Bar in Nicosia, if you haven't been there, what are you waiting for? I have tried both of their food and drinks and I was very pleased. We were welcomed with amazing cocktails and we were offered to visit the surprise of the night... They had created a small room where a "Fortune Teller" would read the shape of your lips and tell you everything about yourself and some hints for your future. As you have seen from the photo above we had to put on some NYX lipsticks and kiss the card, and as you can see we were all very focused. 

And as they say.. "Happy girls are the prettiest" 

We had also the opportunity to explore most of NYX's products, which I must admit I was very impressed with their quality. Might have became my favourite makeup brand.  Generally the whole experience was great, it was a good way to connect with other bloggers and get a hint of what to expect next from NYX Cosmetics. 

In a few words?! I had a blast.

My whole outfit by: Minimalistic Boutique
First 2 photos by: Kyriakos G Photography



  1. Oh wow, this NYX VIP party looks outstanding. I am totally in love with the details. I wish I could have attended this event. Anyways, we also want to host a grand event at the local Venues in San Francisco and it would be also be a fashion themed event.

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