Thursday 13 October 2016


Now that we are slowly transitioning into the colder months, this shirt it is so needed! You can style it in so many different ways although I wanted to keep this outfit as plain as possible. I sometimes like to overdress but I also sometimes like to keep things simple and comfy.

I'm sure this shirt is going to be one of my go-to pieces right now, the cut-out detail on the shoulders gives something extra and it's a good piece to have in order to replace some of the plain shirts in your wardrobe. Pairing this with my high waisted jeans made it a super comfortable outfit and with a pair of heels it got a bit edgy and sexy. But how can I not mention my favourite backpack? Since I bought it I wear it almost every single day! A go-to stylish piece to have! Some backpacks I have been eyeing: 

This, this, definetly this, oh.. and this!

Shirt: Boohoo | Backpack: Moschino | Jeans: Topshop
Heels: Boohoo - Sold Out (Similar here & here

Photos by: Dre Photowork 



  1. What a beauty!!! I wish we had such a good weather in central Europe right now <3 I love backpacks, just don't know how to wear them...


  2. Thank you so much gorgeous! x Backpacks are easy, try to pair them with a dressed up outfit to make it a bit more casual, or with just a simple outfit such as converse, jeans and a tee xx


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